Versatile Blogger Award

I am honored to be nominated for my first blogging award: The Versatile Blogger Award (which apparently also means I’ve received the award, I wasn’t sure at first if there was to be a vote, or what happened next…)  I am grateful to Tia at Life: Everyone Has One for the award, and encourage you to go check out her blog.

I’m grateful, but also have to say I’m not sure how versatile I really am, here, at least.  This blog is singularly devoted to this particular journey I’ve shared with my older daughter in her last year of life, along with her writing.  In the rest of my life I’d say I’m versatile, but here I feel I’m much more focused than I am elsewhere, and I like having one place in my life where that is true.  So on to “the rules”…

versatile blogger award

Here are the rules for those of you I have nominated (which means you’re receiving the award!):

1: Display the award on your page.

2: Announce the win with a post, and link it back to your nominator as a Thank You!

3: Present 15 awards to those of your choosing.

Here are 15 blogs that I love, some related to the topic of loss and grief, and some that are simply wonderful writing.  An eclectic mix:

1. A Beautiful Body Project

2. Forever 21

3. The Eye Dancers

4. Three Hundred Sixty Five

5. Hollowed Out

6. Geo Sans

7. My Eyes Are Up Here

8. Tersia Burger

9. Cullen’s Blessings

10. My Thoughts On a Page

11. Born By a River

12. Prego and the Loon

13. Mourning Mama

14. Texting My Pancreas

15. Mirabai Starr, author and speaker

4: Post 7 things about yourself.


One: I like beauty. Of all kinds.

Two: I like comfort, since I was a baby, I’ve loved soft things.

Three: I love good food, but don’t especially like to cook.

Four: I love my family, and I like all of them, and enjoy spending time with them.

Five: I have the best dog in the world, a shih tzu named Tilly, who is 12.

Six: I am grateful, for all that has happened in my life, even the most difficult and challenging things.

Seven: I had no idea how much was involved in receiving an award, but I’m happy and honored to be given this one!

5: Alert your nominees of their award status.


Lucia Maya

I live and write in Makawao, on Maui, Hawaii. I write on my blog about my experience with my daughter Elizabeth Blue, during the last year of her life living with cancer and dying in a state of grace. I follow my passion in my work, doing Energy Healing (Reiki, Karuna Reiki and Craniosacral work) and spiritual counseling, in person and at a distance, teaching Reiki and facilitating spiritual workshops. I have a blog on my site as well!

17 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. A well deserved award. You are an inspiring individual. I love your blog, and it is a lovely tribute to your daughter. Thank you so much for the nomination.


  2. Congratulations, Lucia. This is a wonderful tribute, both to you and your oh-so-talented daughter. Also to your strength and courage; and hers, for facing what she had to face at such a young age. I find this blog one of the most inspiring on WordPress and look forward to each and every one of your posts. Also, thank you for nominating me. For many, many months now, I haven’t been accepting awards because I have, fortunately, received more than my fair share already. But today I achieved my goal of blogging every day for 365 consecutive days. Your award will be the first of the continuation of my blog and a whole new set of challenges. To me it represents the future. So I accept it with pride and with pleasure. Many thanks 🙂 I am thrilled you like what I have to say.


    1. Thank you Fransi! I am deeply touched by your words and so grateful that you find my blog inspiring. I congratulate you on your 365 days of blogging! I am delighted that you’ll begin the continuation of your blog with a fresh award and I look forward to reading more.


    1. Yes, it took days to get it all together! But it was fun to go and read lots of other blogs that I’ve not seen in a while. By the end I could barely come up with 7 things about myself!


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