Bird’s Nest

This was written by Elizabeth in June, 2010, 17 months before she was diagnosed with lymphoma.  She was preparing to leave Tucson for Seattle.  She did not consciously know she would die just over 2 years later, though some part of her clearly did.

The image is the artwork on which she based the tattoo on the back of her right thigh.  She loved this tattoo and was only able to get the outline completed before she was diagnosed.  Once she started chemo in November of 2011, she was advised to wait until chemo was completed to have the color done, and the tattoo was never finished.

Elizabeth Blue's Bird's Nest

60 thoughts on “Bird’s Nest

  1. A starkly, bright lit poem. Blue clarity and a direct eye on the nest of life and death. So beautiful and embracing of the unknown; a window from which the precipice ends. What courage to articulate THIS. Thank you for sharing Elizabeth’s work. Sitting in astonishment.

  2. Understanding she allowed her being to flow these beautiful words thru her without judgement, reason or logic…makes me wonder what could come thru any one of us if we moved out of the way and opened to the presence. Thank you for sharing Lucia and Elizabeth Blue

  3. Oh thank you for this instant YES and tears- I love Elizabeth’s poem! Thank you for reminding me with your daughter’s poem that she and we are of Earth and Sky and they are part of us and Beloved always be.

    • Thank you for reading her poem and for your beautiful response! Yes, we are of the earth, the land, and as it misses Elizabeth, so do we!

      Many blessings and much love,

  4. Dear Lucia, I am so sorry your beautiful daughter had to suffer and die so young! Her poem is interesting because she was speaking about her not being there {where the birds nested and
    the Tucson land missing her}, but perhaps this prepared her for the time of her death. I don’t know
    what she believed about where she would spend Eternity, but the Word of God says Jesus is the
    Way the Truth and the Life and no one comes to God the Father except thru Him. The hope is that Elizabeth discovered this truth and is in Heaven now! May God comfort you with these words.

    • Dear Carolyn,
      thank you for your comment about my daughter’s poem. From what I saw, she did not suffer, and did not have almost any pain throughout her process. I feel that that poem, Bird’s Nest, was a way of letting the rest of us know that she knew (on some deep level) that she was going to die.

      I do believe she is in heaven, she is completely at peace, and her consciousness has become unconditional love; she is with the divine, and present with all of us. She is Love.
      blessings, Lucia

      • Lucia when my former husband died everyone tried to talk me out of the deepest premonitions that we can have long before our minds and doctors and even bodies start to show death approaching. I hung onto what I knew to be true. This poem is a brilliant premonition. Heartfelt. Kate

        • Kate, thank you for writing. I am sorry for the loss of your former husband. I believe we do get messages all the time, and it’s up to us to learn to listen…taking the time and space to be quiet enough to hear. Writing, poetry, art, meditation are all wonderful places to access that part of us that knows, and Elizabeth did this naturally, and well, and I’m so grateful that she helped to teach me about that and much more! blessings, Lucia

  5. I have just journeyed through this wonderful tribute to such an amazing soul. I feel her depth and wisdom very strongly and I have to say in response to the above, she was always with the divine and was the divine incarnate (as we all are… some just are able to show it through more). I’m truly inspired by her work and her, and your unabashed willingness to share all of this. It’s beyond poignant and more of what we all should be doing in this life. Gratefully touched– Erin

    • Erin, thank you for reading, and for your comment. I agree, Elizabeth was, and continues to be, an amazing soul, and I’m so grateful for the time she was here! blessings, Lucia

  6. This is such an extraordinary poem. I read it the other day and I love it. Would you mind if I reblogged it on my site? I would love to share it.

  7. Reblogged this on My thoughts on a page. and commented:
    I hope you all take some time out to read this magnificent piece. It was written by a very talented young girl of twenty, about leaving Tucson. Just over two years later she died from cancer. The writing in this is extraordinary, but it is all the more poignant reading it when we know Elizabeth is no longer with us. Her mom has a beautiful blog celebrating and remembering her very talented daughter.

  8. Dear Lucia,i arrived here from thoughts on a page….the poem is incredibly open,honest and confessional…so strange to hear the thoughts of your daughter,a person i never knew,speak directly to my own thoughts…as if i were the first and only person in the universe to hear them.Astonishing .Mark of a great writer and someone looking directly at their soul in a mirror.You more than shine as a parent and a friend to this special person.Thanks.

    • Michael, thank you for your thoughtful and lovely comments. I am grateful you found your way here and that Elizabeth’s writing speaks so directly to you. I agree, it speaks to me and many others that way, which does exemplify great writing… blessings, Lucia

  9. Wow… this is so so deep,

    It makes me more geared up totaste every moment that life brings…

    i salute the beautiful soul of your late lovely daughter

    beautiful piece… 🙂

  10. Thank you, Lucia for sharing your daughter’s beautiful poem. It was an honor to read it. She certainly was a beautiful soul–maybe even an angel sent here for a special purpose. I look forward to following you and learning more about Elizabeth and your journey together. The video celebrating her life touched me deeply, thank you again.

    • Thank you for reading her poem and watching the video. She was a beautiful soul! I am grateful to have found your blog and that we’ve connected here. blessings, Lucia

  11. And she was HOW OLD when she wrote this?? What an old, beautiful soul. She has her wings, you know. I’ve not read the whole blog. I’m starting now, beginning to end.

  12. I can’t stop thinking about this, about what she was saying. See, the world needs us. I think we are born and we die but our bodies are the way consciousness is expressing itself. Consciousness/Life/Spirit doesn’t die. But what is this world if we can’t see it? The world needs us to see it to exist; and what this world needs is people who see it like Elizabeth does. I’d like to post her poem on my blog, if you’d let me and if I could figure out how. Let me know what you think.

    • Absolutely, I’d love for you to share her work. I know part of my work is to help her writing get out in the world! I think you can “reblog” it through WordPress. it should be an option, for me it’s at the top of the screen.

      I love her line about her body being her “flesh and blood holder of humanity”. I also believe our consciousness lives on. I do still feel and experience Elizabeth’s presence. Sometimes through a subtle feeling or sense, sometimes she communicates clearly through music, which I’ll write about soon. I’ve heard many stories from others whose lives Elizabeth has continued to touch since she left her body. Her friend calls it the EB (Elizabeth Blue) effect!

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    • Thank you so much! I am deeply grateful to you as a reader and for this nomination! I want to be clear that the poem on this page was written by my daughter Elizabeth Blue, who is no longer with us, but I’m sure her spirit is dancing with delight wherever she is…
      blessings, Lucia

      • I know she wrote that one, and I appreciate your mention of it. I just love your blog in it entirety… Yours and your daughters collectively:)

        • Thank you. I enjoy yours as well! This is my first award nomination, so I’m not sure what to do next – do I get notified of something else, or do I just follow what you’ve done? Thank you!

  15. I found your blog via Fransi at 365 (and counting) who nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award today. I’m deeply touched by your daughter’s poem and the beauty of her writing but even more by her strength and courage. Your love for her is felt by all who visit. I do believe her energy lives on. I’m looking forward to digging deeper into your blog. Thank you so much for sharing your daughter’s story with all of us.

  16. Elizabeth,a deep,feeling being who knew what she knew without flinching.What a beautiful womyn and spirit.Thank you Lucia for sharing so much with us.

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  18. i love your blog and i have lost 2 people very dear to me, and quite young, one to pediatric cancer and the other to an accident, and i know it is very hard and this is a wonderful tribute. your daughter was a beautiful person inside and out, that is clear. thank you for following and reading my words and i look forward to reading more of yours. peace, beth

    • Thank you Beth. It is hard – I’m so sorry for your losses.It is also an amazing and beautifully transformative journey, and I’m grateful you’re here. I love your blog and look forward to reading more as well! blessings, Lucia

  19. I dont remember exactly how I came upon this blog. My boyfriend recently and suddenly died related to complications with a rare cancer he was not diagnosed with until he was on life support and unable to communicate with us. I did not even realize the girl in the blog would be from Tucson. I feel like I was guided to this page. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    • Dear Hayley, I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. How difficult that must be, with so little time to prepare emotionally…I am glad you were guided here and hope that Elizabeth’s and my writings bring you some comfort and peace on your journey. Today was Elizabeth’s birthday, so full and so empty at the same time, an interesting time to have arrived…
      Please stay in touch. Blessings, Lucia

  20. I am a lover of poetry. Thank you for sharing the beautifully written words by Elizabeth. I have heard that poets often have a gift of prophecy as is sadly expressed in Bird’s Nest. I know what a treasure it is to have my child’s writings in my possession. I know you will hold her poems close to your heart always. Love and poetry~ Dale

    • Thank you Dale. She was a visionary for sure… I am looking forward to having more time to read your blog, I have found it very moving and much I can relate to.
      with love, Lucia

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