Elizabeth Blue – the photoshoot by Jade Beall (part 1)

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These are just a few of the photos taken by the amazing artist Jade Beall, of the Beautiful Bodies Project, in April of 2012, when Elizabeth was in remission from cancer.  She had finished 6 chemo treatments, and we were celebrating that she had no sign of cancer in her body.  I was delighted that she’d agreed to be photographed, wanting to document this time, this transition time in her life, showing all aspects of herself, with hair and without, with clothes and completely naked. We did not know that just 2 months later she’d find that the cancer had recurred, spreading to her brain, and that she would die 3 months after that, on September 23, 2012.

I am incredibly grateful that we have these beautiful, revealing images of Elizabeth Blue – a beauty inside and out.

A Daughter’s Last Photoshoot Before Cancer’s Finality: Elizabeth Blue

A Daughter’s Last Photoshoot Before Cancer’s Finality: Elizabeth Blue.

The amazing photographer, Jade Beall, took hundreds of beautiful photographs of my daughter Elizabeth Blue, in April of 2012, during the luminous time when Elizabeth had finished chemo and before the cancer returned in her brain.  Jade wrote a blog post today about her experience of photographing Elizabeth Blue, with photos I haven’t shared yet (I plan to share many more over time) and I am delighted to share it here!

Jade is devoted to sharing beauty, with an incredible eye and vision and a huge heart, she inspires many.