Elizabeth Blue’s Life in Pictures

Elizabeth Blue, Jade Beall, Elizabeth Meagher
Elizabeth Blue, 4/2012 (by Jade Beall)
Elizabeth Blue, Jade Beall, Elizabeth Meagher,
Elizabeth Blue, 4/2012 (by Jade Beall)

As we move closer to the one year anniversary of my daughter Elizabeth’s death, on September 23, she is very present with me, giving me many messages and signs that she is close.  I will share more of that in another post.  For now – I am getting the message that it is time to share this video again.  This is a slideshow of Elizabeth’s life, from beginning to end, with many of the people, animals, events and passages in her life.

The professional photo shoot done during the last year of her life was done by Jade Beall, who recently dedicated a blog post with photos and story of that photo shoot, and I will be sharing many more of those extraordinary photos soon. Here are 2 favorites.

This slideshow was created with love and is shared with love.  (And you might want to have some tissues handy…)

Lucia Maya

I live and write in Makawao, on Maui, Hawaii. I write on my blog about my experience with my daughter Elizabeth Blue, during the last year of her life living with cancer and dying in a state of grace. I follow my passion in my work, doing Energy Healing (Reiki, Karuna Reiki and Craniosacral work) and spiritual counseling, in person and at a distance, teaching Reiki and facilitating spiritual workshops. I have a blog on my LuminousAdventures.com site as well!

26 thoughts on “Elizabeth Blue’s Life in Pictures

  1. Your experiences and reflections went a long way towards helping myself and young Daniels mum after he died. I’ll always be grateful I found you. This is a beautiful tribute to your gorgeous daughter.


    1. Thanks Tric, for sharing that. It means so much to me to know that my experiences with Elizabeth may have eased someone else’s journey. I think of your friend and Daniel often as well, without really knowing them except in glimpses through you.


  2. I’ve been glued to your blog every since yesterday and I love how you capture everything during both of you journey. This Blog touches me so much because I have a dear friend that lost her mother to a 4 year battle with cancer a year ago. My father currently is fight a battle with Leukemia and Lymphoma. He was diagnosis in January 17, 2011. It like our live have change because we see what more important now then materialistic things. Anyways I just had to write you and let you know that I am praying for you and your family. Bridgett


    1. Dear Bridgett,
      thank you so much for reading and for your comment! I’m so sorry to hear about your friend’s loss of her mother, and your father’s challenge with cancer as well.

      It is so true that illness and death can help put into perspective what is truly important. There are many gifts that can be found, if we’re willing to look for them…

      I will pray for you and your family as well. Sending much love and many blessings, Lucia


  3. Wow – I am so moved and thankful to share the wonder of Elizabeth. Such a girl and a woman. I have fallen in love with her. Thank you Lucia for sharing her with us.


  4. Thankful that I got to know this beautiful spirit and now to know yours, thank you for sharing this and allowing me into this most intimate of experience of love.


    1. Thank you Rebecca – I am so grateful that Elizabeth had you and Julia in her life, she so admired and appreciated you! I am glad to have you on this journey with us… blessings, Lucia


    1. Thank you for watching. I know it’s so moving, even for those who don’t know her, and I know that you do know her now, better than many who knew her while she was alive! Blessings, Lucia


  5. Thank you, Lucia for sharing the pictures and the video. It is my second time watching the video and each time I’m reminded how precious life is and to cherish every moment we have with the people we love. Sometimes, life gets in the way and we forget that.


    1. Yes, it’s part of why photos are so helpful to me- to remember what our minds aren’t capable of, and to remember how precious each moment is! Thank you for watching it again. Blessings, Lucia


  6. Our girls – so young and so beautiful. HOW THE #* *&£~ CAN THEY DIE AND LEAVE US????????? Elizabeth is so beautiful. My heart weeps and mourns with yours.. Hugs and much love dear Lucia.


  7. As always Lucia, it is such a privilege to share in the story of your beautiful daughter’s life…I send a deep bow of gratitude for the gift of her Presence, which has
    added immeasurably to the beauty of all Life. Thank you, thank you, thank you All That Is,for the gift of Elizabeth, and Lucia, Julianna and Zelie. I love you.


  8. Such a beautiful love story, Lucia, so richly told with your photographs and music. I am honored to be included in your sharing. I always leave your pages so moved, and with the commitment to being a more loving mother and grandmother myself….
    My heart aligns with yours during these difficult weeks surrounding the first anniversary of Elizabeth’s passing.
    In love.


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